Professional Experience

Content Strategist Consultant
Cuernavaca, Mx | 2015

  • Helped a 50 year old Mexican SPCA to rediscover and realign their objectives, values and identity; found and unified organization’s voice among staff, volunteers and stakeholders;
  • Led efforts to maximize resources and minimize research costs by finding ways to conduct research that are cheap, not time consuming but that retrieve data to depict a portrait of their audience and competition; conducting very basic usability inventory and testing, using small but significative samples (usually real users of APAC’s Social Media channels);
  • Developed a customized tone and voice based on organization’s primary audience and messages;
  • Responsible for the IA, wireframe design and taxonomy of new website, allowing administrators, and contributors to log in and maintain adoptables catalog and information on services up to date, without the need of a graphic designer (former scheme)–still under construction; also responsible for the training course for administrators regarding the use of their CRM system (WordPress);
  • Responsible for building, leading and training specialized work teams of volunteers, such as IT, communications and marketing interns (from local universities) able to redesign and manage APAC’s social media channels, and redesign a new and improved website, in exchange for professional experience; this experiment has proven successful as engagement and reach of social media channels have increased by 500% in just 3 months;
  • Led efforts to create an online donation process and button in order to increase credit and debit card donation, while offering users other options to contribute to the cause;
  • Redefined work flow of adoptions’ and donations’ processes to adjust to social media and website demands, providing clients with a broader variety of options to contribute, volunteer and adopt that can be managed by administration staff.

Content Strategist Consultant             
San Francisco, CA | 2014

  • Guided secondary research in order to find company’s audience segments regarding U.S. Latino market, using the data obtained and creating fictional personas, helped the team understand the difference between segments and the priority those hold within their online product;
  • Defined a route to align content to company’s objectives and designed messages that were consistent to generate branding;
  • Performed a thorough usability analysis and proposed strategies to address issues promptly and properly;
  • Work directly with IT team to create metadata, according to content types and tasks;
  • Led efforts to create a bilingual blog to provide Latino users with expert advice on shopping latest trends and not-to-miss deals increasing views by 50% each month;
  • Redefined sections such as Beauty, Travel and Luxury creating specific guidelines about the type of products that pertained to each of these specific categories; created a broader yet findable catalog of products by dividing navigational menu into more specific categories and subcategories that allowed users to find products with ease;
  • Created bilingual style guides and defined tone and voice (English/Spanish) for website and blog;
  • Responsible for the creation of effective work processes for the editorial team that allowed them to organize individually and as a team while communicating consistently with IT and management;
  • Trained editorial team on blog style writing, editing, researching, and keeping a production and content maintenance calendar up to date, also provided guidance on creative commons, royalty free photo stock, and copyright infringement;

Adjunct Professor – Humanities Dept.

Cuernavaca, Mx | 2013-2014

  • Designed and taught Digital Media Laboratory classes to third and fourth year students in English language;
  • Designed and taught Qualitative Research Methods to third year university students;
  • Designed and taught Introduction to Public Relations to fourth year students;
  • Designed and taught Introduction to Digital and Social Media course with a strong emphasis on content strategy and user experience research basics, for Humanities Department faculty in Spanish language.

Homepage, Popular Now and MSN Answers Editor
Seattle, WA | 2012 – 2013

  • Spanish language homepage editor (U.S. Latino Market);
  • Editor of PopularNow bar, which required being on top of latest breaking news and trending topics of interest to the intended market, and editorially curating links;
  • Editor of MSN Latino Answers, a module focused on breaking news which appeared in search results pages, requiring a strong knowledge and expertise on research and handling news reporting;
  • Implemented SEO strategy assuring MSN Answers module would appear top of SERPs;
  • Strategic liaison between and MSN Latino website and its affiliates regarding content curation, production and transfer, assuring quality while maintaining Bing’s voice;
  • Monthly metrics reporting and analyzing to discover audience patterns, trends and preferences.

Project Researcher 
Seattle, WA | 2012

  • Fact-check project designed for the Communications Department of the University of Washington to monitor 2012 USA Presidential and Washington State local elections;
  • Thorough research regarding what each measure and proposition on the local ballot was about, including pros and cons of each, while fact checking data published by media outlets, and highlighted by candidates.

User Experience Co-Researcher
Seattle, WA | 2012

    Project for Usability Testing and Web Design course (master’s program)
  • I worked with a team of three researchers, myself included, and all of us were responsible for:
    • Managing and leading all aspects of remote and lab-based user research and usability evaluations;
    • Conducted usability testing among 20 participants to test ease of use of the site from searching a title to completing an online purchasing transaction;
    • Presented actionable research findings and compelling experience stories.
  • I was solely responsible for the creation of personas to represent their target audience accurately.


Marketing Coordinator
UW Women’s Center
Seattle, WA | 2012

  • Increased website visitors from 1,500 to 8,667 in 5 months
  • Builder of brand/online presence and developer of social media engagement strategies
  • Manager and curator of content and online campaigns
  • Online promotional video producer and editor
  • Website administrator duties


Ventura County, CA | 2009 – 2012

  • Co-founder and co-creator of a blog style publication dedicated to serve the need for information of the Latino community in Ventura County that positioned itself as an important communication channel for the local Latino community, while managed and updated by its influencers;
  • Led efforts to inform local Latino community about breaking news, immigration issues, cultural and entertainment topics of their interest;
  • Conducted interviews and wrote feature and editorial pieces on distinguished Latino residents and controversial topics;
  • Created and kept an editorial calendar on everything Latino for the counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo;


Bilingual Freelance Contributor      
Los Angeles, CA | 2009 – 2012


Managing Editor                              
Ventura County Star
Ventura County, CA | 2005 – 2008

  • Managed a staff of 7 reporters, and designers, and 7 contributors
  • Director and curator of weekly bilingual publication (Mi Estrella)
  • Yearly and monthly budget administration and planning
  • Producer of popular special sections (ie – Quinceaneras, Weddings and World Cup) and responsible for increasing the coverage of local issues regarding hard news, education, community, government, business, features and general entertainment
  • Mi Estrella was the most read and trusted bilingual publication in Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties by increasing readership from 10,000 to 25,000 in the three years that followed.
  • Only bilingual publication in the county accredited for major events such as Oscar, Emmy and Grammy awards
  • Contributor in English language to the Ventura County Star newspaper regarding Latino entertainment and culture pieces of artists performing in the county


City Editor                                            
Univision Online
Los Angeles, CA | 2005

  • Manager, producer and curator in Spanish language of Univision’s KMEX Channel 34 online content
  • Creator and curator of online sections:
    • A la cocina con Gina,” (In the Kitchen with Gina)
    • Online immigration forum “Tus dudas sobre inmigración” (Your Questions on Immigration) featuring immigration attorney Gloria Curiel, presenter of “Primera Edición” variety show on KMEX 34.
  • Integrator of logistics among news and promotions departments to advertise online content on-air
  • Provider of local content to other markets covered by Univision


Showbiz and Vidahoy Editor          
Hoy Los Angeles Newspaper
Los Angeles, CA | 2004

  • Managed 11 staff reporters and freelancers
  • Creator (from inception), content manager and curator in Spanish language of daily entertainment section and weekend entertainment guide “VIDAHOY”
  • Designed and executed editorial style to ensure topic diversity and local coverage of events, which attracted attention of major PR agencies and facilitated insertion of advertisement booklet “Pura Parranda”


Life and Style Editor
LA Opinion Newspaper
Los Angeles, CA | 2003

  • Managed a team 8 reporters and freelancers
  • Content and lay out manager and curator of Spanish-language of bi-weekly Life & Style section
  • Responsible for design of editorial style which after three months increased advertising influx, attracting attention of greater PR and advertising agencies
  • Renovated section by enhancing content variety of food, fashion and travel coverage
  • Introduced specialized columns on health and immigration issues, achieving readership engagement through feedback and participation




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