Master of Science in Data Science
Southern Methodist University

Courses taken: 

  • Experimental Statistics
  • Python and R programming languages
  • Doing Data Science
  • File Organization and Database Management
  • Applied Statistics: Inference and Modeling
  • Data Mining / Machine Learning
  • Data and Network Security
  • Data Visualization
  • Statistical Sampling
  • Cloud computing
  • Applied Data Science

Master of Communication in Digital Media
University of Washington
Courses taken:

  • Usability testing and Web Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Law in Digital Media
  • Marketing and Branding in Digital Media
  • Strategic Digital Platforms Fundamentals
  • Transmedia for Marketers
  • Research Strategy and Business practice
  • Narratives and Networks in Digital Media

Fellowship recipient
Critical Tools for Non-Traditional Journalists seminar
The Poynter Institute 

B.S. in Communication
ITESM (Mexico)

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