What I do

I am a firm believer that “Content is king.” I believe in its make-it-or-break-it power. I have seen it, I have experienced it first hand. Good content that fulfills a company’s objectives while reaching its target audience where they are located, sparking interaction and engagement and keeping its branding consistent can seriously make wonders.

That’s where I come in: I help others by A) analyzing their documentation, diving deep into their current content by conducting thorough audits and creating inventories, interviewing their different stakeholders, and also performing competitive analysis and market research to define and prioritize their audiences  to align or define their digital or web content to their objectives, while prioritizing their audiences; B) defining a course of action based on strategic planning and design that will establish a vision for content, including concepts, style, governance and taxonomy, while tackling into information architecture, overseeing usability, defining and tracking success metrics; C)  guiding the strategy by following content roadmaps, project plans, mentoring content staff regarding style guide (voice, tone and messaging), and even tapping into editing; D) analyzing and aligning business plans, workflows, planning and management; E)  designing and implementing social media, SEO, and content mix strategies that successfully reaches the target audiences creating conversions.

My work style is 100% based on results and accomplishing goals.


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