Data Scientist’s Analysis Toolbox: Comparison of Python, R, and SAS Performance

Jim Brittain1, Mariana Llamas-Cendon1, Jennifer Nizzi1, John Pleis2
1 Master of Science in Data Science, Southern Methodist University University
6425 Boaz Lane, Dallas, TX 75205
{jbrittain, mllamascendon, jnizzi}
2 National Center for Health Statistics ā€“ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Abstract. A quantitative analysis will be performed on experiments utilizing three different tools used for Data Science. The analysis will include replication of analysis along with comparisons of code length, output, and results. Qualitative data will supplement the quantitative findings. The conclusion will provide data support guidance on the correct tool to use for common situations in the field of Data Science.

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Data Scientist_s Analysis Toolbox_ Comparison of Python R and SAS